DUNGEON SIEGE 2, Broken World MOD MAP: Erthos Struggle
Game Type: For single and multiplayer
Requirements: Dungeon Siege 2 version 2.0 or Broken World

Erthos Struggle:

23/11/06 Another version of Erthos struggle
Weíve traveled a long way together since the beginning.
Even if this release is not the final version I stopped calling it Beta.
The list of improvements as increased again; to a point where Iím proud of the result and confidant that you will enjoy wandering in Erthos...
I haven't fixed everything yet, far from it but to me that version is a massive improvement compare to before.
Please take it as a proof that the project is still alive and that your constructives comments are very important to me.
Thanks you all!

New features:
  • One new region to explore: -
    The Slums of Shamlora
    No direct transporter to Shamlora To reach that new region you need to complete either:

  • The primary quest: Breakthrough - or just talk to keita to activate that teleport located in the Deeper Desert of Lamentation War Camp.

  • The secondary quest: Alukar`s six keys - or just find Alukar Sixth Key. When you pick it up the mysterious teleport in Erthos Town center will activate.

  • Incantations Shrines - Iíve added a few incantations shrines, nearly two per region.

  • Lecterns - Iíve added twenty lecterns, all of greater chants.

  • Quest - Theyíre twenty quests now:
    Fourteen primaries and six secondary quests.

  • Loot - Iíve got rid of some of the health potions; and tried to cut down to only four items per chest.

    Features made on the previous version:

  • The first one is the camera fix: - Now the camera go right down to the floor and you can zoom in pretty close...
    All the merit goes to Lady_Femme! She made the camera fix! I just incorporated it in Erthos.

  • Two new regions to explore: -
    Deeper Desert of Lamentation and Deeper Desert of Lamentation Warcamp

  • Overhead icons - The Overhead icons have starting to appear magicaly in Erthos wich means now you have a better time finding a quest giver or a hireable character.

  • Fixed the Inn - In the previous version
    If you tried to talk to the innkeeper in Erthos Tavern nothing was appening...
    Now, when you talk to her. You can send your pets and additional party to the inn or get them back, yehaaaaaaa!

  • Hireable - Now, you will find some hireables characters in Ertos. Thanks to their overhead icons, you will be able to recognise them easely.

  • Less Monsters - They were too many weak monsters in certain region of Erthos. To a point that the gameplay was suffering, so I changed the strenth and numbers of the Morden army in the Desert of Lamentation and reduced the numbers in the Mountain of Despair as well.

  • Syntax errors - I tried my best to fix the spelling and syntax errors. Without doubt, it's not perfect but none the less, it's a bit better.


    Thank you so much again to Bare_elf, Firebat and OC, all the staff at Herena Forge! Thanks too for KillerGremal's Mods!

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