Dungeon Siege II   
Erthos Struggle Map

Welcome to this inofficial website of the Erthos Struggle Map for Dungeon Siege II.

Sadly the orginal website has gone a long time again, still however you can download here the
latest release of this map, which actually was the first custom map for Dungeon Siege II at all!
Content source: Wayback Machine
Download: Erthos Struggle Map (Beta3a, 24.5mb, ReadMe)

This is the fromer/official Beta3 release by Pac Mad Modder including some additonal map tunings.
Installation: Just save the *.ds2res file inside the 'resources' folder or your DS2 game directory.

It is recommended to install the Level Adjustment mod as well. It will automatically activate for this map
(originally the mod has been developed exclusively for the Erthos Struggle map), and to take advantage
of it save this mod file too in the 'resources' folder of your DS2 game installation.

Feel free to post your opinion about this map at SiegeTheDay.org.