Dungeon Siege II   v2.2 / v2.3/Addon
Game Mods   by KillerGremal  2006-2019


All*Saves v1: Elys created a tool to recognize all your savegames with varying game content/mods (detials v2.2 + v2.3/addon).
Recommanded to use is version 1.0 of this tool:
For Windows Vista/7/8 you also could try the Succubus Manager.
When using STEAM you should also consider this forum post.

Graphic Card Identification List: Get a new system_detail.gas file to tell the game what graphic card you have!

How to reach Broken World: It may be difficult to import an old savegame into the Broken World addon. As partial work-around consider the hint to avoid the Inn Conversion Bug.

Free your feet: Some players may like to use Omicrom's small Mod_RingRemoval.ds2res:
RingRemoval Mod (2kB,
ReadMe) to get rid of the visual health state ring around hero's feet in-game.


WideScreen/FoV Support, Alpha 2b
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: english

This widescreen mod is intended as a patch to automatically update camera related map settings (zoom out or fov/angle) depending on the resolution of your widescreen monitor.
It is focused on higher screen ratios around 16:9 and 21:9, but very common displays (for example with 14:9 resp. 1680x1050) are supported as well.


Cursor Size Increased, Alpha 1
For: DS2 v2.2, (v2.3/Addon)


This mod offers larger mouse cursors, probably only useful for higher screen resolutions.
Alpha mainly due to the rough cursor textures.


Text Size Increased, Alpha 4
For: DS2 v2.2, (v2.3/Addon)


This mod offers larger text sizes that may be appreciated for higher screen resolutions.

Stable version but alpha since in some rare situations lore/quest texts may be shortened by the UI grid due to the lack of space.
As partial work-around Alpha 4 features now an option to reassign the line height yourself if wanted.


Object Highlightning Tuned, Beta 4a
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: deutsch

This mod will remove the green or blue margin from actors and from interactive objects like signs, levers or teleporters when holding the mouse cursor above them.
Maybe this mod will require initially some adoption of the way you perceive the game, but after a few minutes you can't imagine that DS2 ever has looked anything else!


Storage Vault Mod, Beta 5a
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: deutsch

Offering much more space in your tresor.
The maximum gold amount you can carry will be increased too, and you also can customize the transparency of the tresor background.

Please note: Any container in DS2 can only store 255 items on maximum - for this reason you will get a report when you close the vault how many items there are.

For 1024x768 (4:3):
- 14x19 (35kB, ReadMe)

For 1280x720 (16:9):
- 23x19 (52kB, ReadMe, Image)

For 1366x768 (16:9):
- 25x20 (54kB, ReadMe, Image)

For 1280x1024 (4:3):
- 20x25 (53kB, ReadMe, as displayed)   ====>
- 22x28 (53kB, ReadMe, Image)


Hotfix Mod, Beta 5p
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: english

Mod offering bug fixes and decent game enhancements.
The key features (You may see here some additional information) are: <==  hold cursor above

  • Several mod options to customize for example game speed (Customizable with the speed-valves near Eirulan prison or by DS2 ini file) or gameplay difficulty.
  • Many 'game mechanics' and item related fixes (Requirement tunigs (e.g. Endless Memory), Effect fixes (e.g. Amren's Bow), ..) or tunings, eg. also for 'Talon' Dragon Quest (To ensure he is present again if you recently skipped the battle) at Snowbrook Haven.
  • Pet related tunings (Mininum bonus fixed, no stats loss on death, spell/icon selection fix, Mythrilhorn attack fix), also a new Scrub Boar (Cheap but resistant support pet, spitting acid on enemies) pet.
  • Better loot drops (Increased quality of loot in merc mode, Less low-level loot in vet/elite mode), in particular for vet/elite mode.
    • Expanded party member support:
      • Members won't start a banter-talk when enemies are close.
      • Improved auto-boost/-level (Multi-classed chars remain multi-classed. No more '20 levels gap' rule) when you (re)add a low-leveled char to your party.
      • Six members in mercenary (Refers to the improved party settings, also may help converting a merc party into v2.3) mode allowed.
      • Autonomous member movement in 'wait' mode.
      • Disband members forever from the Inn or release them by the Necromancer.
      • Slightly tuned experience calculation. (More linear exp-raise with party size, less level-tied exp-stepping, exp for Bleeding too)
    • Additional actors to hire:
      • Drovan (Drovan: Melee and combat-magically skilled char (with appropriate exp-splitting spell)) (Drevin's stepbrother near Aman'lu).
      • Soldier Kiernan (Kiernan: Ranged and nature-magically skilled char (with appropriate exp-splitting spell)) at Snowbrook castle.
      • Nature mage Nora (Nora can be hired after having solved the Nexus quest) at Kalrathia.
    • Revised skill point handling:
      • Expanded limit for skill points (With items providing skill points you may reach upto 30 skill points) provided by items.
      • Additional NPC to reset skill point (Erasira at the Eirulan Inn allows to reallocate skill points) allocation.
      • Balance fix for party members without quest skill points (Enjoying a minor damage & armor bonus, on official or custom maps as well).
      • Every 7th level +1 skill point (Balance fix to get some more skill points for your alternate class) if multi-classed.
    • New player items (Mainly enchantable items. Somtimes dropping only from corresponding monsters):
      • Morden Shield & Morden Sword (1H & 2H).
      • Snowbrook Sword, Zombie-Legion Sword, Raider Sword, Hero Broad-Sword (all 1H).
      • Hak'u Spear, Taclak Javelin, Harpy & Root spears.
      • Extra bows, eg. Vai'kesh Long Bow, Flamecaller Bow (Unique bow, may ignite enemies on hit).
      • Snowbrook Armor for Archer & Swordman.
      • Further variations of the Windstone Armor.
    • More attractive Enchanting:
      • Tuned reagent sequence/structure along gameplay with revised reagents (More proportional (damage) bonuses, reagents in different sizes may drop).
      • Larger enchanting/reagent grid (now 6/9/12/16).
      • A few new reagents (For example: 'Speak with Deads', 'Nimblefoot', 'Dragonheart', ..) added.
      • Additional shop with enchantable items (Downhill the small Fortress next to the teleporter in the Azunite Desert of Act 1).
      • Rare or unique variants (They offer higher bonuses while being smaller usually) of reagents may drop now.
    • Enhanced spell casting support:
      • Fixed/balanced spells. (Tuning/Fixes for: Punishing Fire, Drown, Corpse Transmutation, ..)
      • 4 auto-cast slots (up to 16 slots (...with a config option to include 2 reserve slots plus 1 additional spellbook)).
      • Smart timer-refreshing for buff spells.
      • Partially improved AI for casting curses (Example: Magic Steal won't be casted on a melee enemy since it's useless here).
      • Up to 5 summoned monsters (+1 summoned monster per 7 skill points on 'Summon Might') per mage.
      • No/smarter summon-auto-casting in good towns (...unless enemies are nearby, or if summon spell is in slot 1-4).
      • Summon size depends on spell level I-IV.
      • Addtional spell to summon your Tresor/Stash (...however monsters watching this may hate you).
      • 4 new ranged/nature-magic exp-splitting (When buffed both skill classes will raise simultaniously) buffs featuring multi-shot and long-range attacks.
      • 3 new melee/combat-magic exp-splitting (When buffed both skill classes will raise simultaniously) buffs providing powerful class synergies.
      • 1 new combat-/nature-magic exp-splitting (When buffed both skill classes will raise simultaniously) buff.
      • Ghost & Harpy summon spells (for dual-magic).
  • Incantations: Auto-selection of best available chant (The Lorebook will apply the best chant of the same type if possible).
  • Bows have now bowstrings and quivers (There are also 'mugs' with tanned skins to change the quiver look).
  • Some additional map secrets (Mainly to find special reagents or hidden weapons).
More details you can find in the readme file or in the keyword reference.

Please note:
- As you can see the Hotfix Mod has a lot of new and custom content. Originally while expecting a patch v2.3 the mod really was intended just to be a hotfix, but sadly that patch never was released. And so the mod was expanded step by step since it was not possible to split custom content form the fixed part of the game.
- When using v2.3/addon the Aranna Legacy Mod is the corresponding replacement for the Hotfix Mod.


Custom Quiver Support
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/BW - finished/integrated

Forum: english, deutsch

In the Hotfix Mod or Aranna Legacy mod you will get now automatically a random quiver each session as soon as a ranged weapon is equipped.

Besides of this the reagent seller often offers 'mugs' (usable like potions) with tanned skins inside to give your quiver permanently another look.

The inventory icon of these mugs will give you a rough idea about the future quiver look. However there are also a few very special (functional) mugs with icons as follows:
[ v/ ] : Keep current look (if random this session).
[ ? ] : For any random, permanent quiver look.
[ x ] : For a random look again each session.



Aranna Legacy Mod, Alpha 4a
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: english, deutsch

Most features from Hotfix mod are carried on in this mod.
Additionally this mod will introduce some extra items like the Blood-Stoning Spear (Unique javelins you may get in the ticket shop for a stone tablet) or even the specially featured (If the shield gets hit then the attacker may loose his sword reducing notably his damage) Shield of Azunai.

Also included are some tunings for the addon:
  • Level 45 Azunite Archer in act 1 adjusted.
  • Several tunings for active+passive skills (Stats fixes e.g for 'Bloodsoaked Shots', 'Fast Recovery' fix, Fist-of-Stone boosts, ..).
  • Partially wrong stats on FoS+BA (Fist of Stone + Blood Assassin) items fixed.
  • Fixed effectivity of summoning bonuses.
  • Set items indicate the set they belong to.
  • Glorydeep Lore Book can be found now.
  • Pre-made chars start with more gold.
  • PS2-commerical cover/bypass (but not removed).

There are a few map improvements too. Next to each shrine there is now a random lectern, also there are two extra NPCs to reset skills already in act 1 (Near Western Greilyn teleporter or at the Inn of Eirulan), also there is a further party member training area in the ruined Aman'lu on the Broken World map.

This mod is for Broken World Addon (v2.3) only and is totally replacing the Hotfix mod. Be aware that by default v2.3/Addon will also try to read-in resources form v2.2 even if they are in a different folder/path (by checking the Windows registry), so remove the Hotfix Mod if installed.
For german players: If the deutsche Version des Addons (v2.3/BW) bereits installiert ist, so vermag der Zeilenumbruch-Mod (790kB / 808'163 Bytes) viele der fehlerhaften Text-Formatierungen (wie Item-Stats ohne Zeilenumbrüche) zu korrigieren.


War Hound Pet Mod, Beta 10p
For: DS2

Forum: english, deutsch

The War Hound is a fully featured melee pet with a strong integration into the gameplay.

Although the young pet is rather weak and even can fallen ill as child, it will become once a strong and loyal bodyguard and particularly young mages and rangers will appreciate the pet's capability to keep trouble away form their vulnerable bodies.

Additionally one mini-quest (Aid an injured War Hound within Finala's Contempt quest) and a few map secrets (...most at Eirulan or Kalrathia) will be featured by this mod too.

Maybe you will get a better impression about this pet mod on the War Hound information site.
There you also would find information about the Morden Snow Canyon - it's some kind of addon-mod making accessible an originally unreachable little territory on the DS2 map.


(Ancient) Kohlbeast Pet Mod, Beta 2j
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: english, deutsch

In DS2 with addon these heavy bird-like pets are nothing exceptional, by this mod now Kohl Beast pets are available in basic DS2 too!

Due to the DS2 content restriction this pet is not exactly the same as in the addon.
Here as power a derived form of the packmule kick is used, so the pet can destroy barrels free of charge and also mana bushes can be blighted - you should know, this pet is quite distrustful towards magic things.
More about this pet you may learn when checking the Kohl Beast's properties.

Well, before you will be able to acquire such a pet there is a little task to solve:
Outside of Darthrul a little rebel outpost has established that attends to a few bedraggled kohl beasts. Unfortunately the Morden seem to have notice of this and even if they didn't care about these escaped pets the Morden won't tolerate the salvage activities and so they will surely send out an invasion force to erase the outpost. - Now it's your task to help them to avoid this!

Quest related note:
Usually all actors are able to talk, during a battle however they may be surrounded by a blue light - then they expect to be healed. But heal them (supposed you can at all) only as long as they are blue glowing, otherwise a mouse-click will make them talking again.

Mod-technical note:
In v2.2 you must maintain this mod as long as you have a Kohl Beast pet in your party.
For v2.3/Addon this mod is not essential, and - if you would remove this mod - your existing Kohl Beast provided by this mod will automatically transform into an addon-like Kohl Beast. Note however, the Kohl Beast from the addon has different abilities, and before removing this mod you also have to reduce the pet's inventory content that it fits on one (the first) page.


Map 'Utraean Peninsula' for DS2
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: english

A rough try to port this famous DS1 map to DS2.

Required resources:  
After downloading all these resource tanks you are ready to explore this immense map where you also will get the opportunity to acquire a powerful Vasp Pet at Elddim (after a little quest) or to visit a new kind of NPC at Crystwind who is able to reveal the hidden magic on items that are neither magical nor enchantable.

Additional mini-maps:
- Return to Arhok
- Diabloish
- Tut'CoGaMa
More advanced map projects:
- Utrae / Ehb / Yesterhaven / LoA
Support for suspended map projects:
- Dawn of Aranna


Return To Arhok, Beta 5
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: english

This is GPG's former XP bonus map Return To Arhok that you can play now with DS2 content as well.
Although notably smaller than Utrae, the map features a little campaign of some hours with several quests and new characters to hire.
The map has been upgraded with some extra areas, also Arhok itself will feature the additional NPCs partially as known from the official DS2 maps.

Required resources: (as for Utraean Peninsula)
Just copy these files into the 'resources' folder of your DS2 installation and start playing - Arhok awaits You!


Level Adjustment Mod, Beta 5v
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: english

This mod is correcting monsters and containers so their stats and loot will match better your average party level, and although created for Erthos Struggle Map the mod is able to work with all maps.
Please see the FAQ how to activate this mod on custom or even on original DS2 maps.


ZoomFar 22/10 combined
For: DS2 v2.2 , v2.3/Addon

Forum: deutsch

This mod will introduce more flexible camera movements by expanding camera angles and increasing the maximum distance between camera/screen and the party.
This 'combined' release will now support both maps from GPG, the original one and the addon map as well.

Important: For v2.2 it is also necessary to copy the map file from maps/World.ds2map to resources/World.ds2res
Please undo this step when playing/upgrading once with the addon (v2.3/Addon).


Update: This mod has become obsolete meanwhile.
All*Saves v2.0 for DS2 v2.2 or for Broken World (v2.3) contains already a proprietary tuning for camera angles and fog distance.
If you still prefer to use mods for camera/sight belongs it may be better to maintain All*Saves v1.0 (370kB) or v1.0 for BW (390kB) to avoid possilbe conflicts.


FogFar 25 combined
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon

Forum: deutsch

Will increase the sight range by about 25%.
Does almost the same as Iryan's SeeFar Mod did but tries to prevent loading/trigger problems because of too large sight ranges (e.g. the Kaderak mines elevator bug).
This 'combined' release will now support both maps from GPG, the original one and the addon map as well.

Update: This mod has become obsolete since All*Saves v2.0 for DS2 v2.2 or for Broken World (v2.3) contains already a proprietary tuning for camera angles and fog distance.
If you still prefer to use mods for camera/sight belongs it may be better to maintain All*Saves v1.0 (370kB) or v1.0 for BW (390kB) to avoid possilbe conflicts.


Loot-for-Level Sacrifice, Beta 1
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon - feature integrated


With this mod you are able now to push a bit the levels of retarded party members (not the hero) by sacrificing loot you have found - the more valuable the better.
Fore this some training places with sacrificial circles have been established at Snowbrook Haven Castle (quest depending) and at Aman'lu (in Broken World only).


Please note this mod has been discontinued, however the tuned feature is now part of the Hotfix Mod and the Aranna Legacy Mod.


Add Lectern for Broken World, Alpha 3
For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon - mod discontinued

Forum: english

In Broken World there are shrines but no ways to find chants - when starting with a pre-made char the chant book will remain empty.
This mod now adds to every shrine a random lectern, sometime empty, sometimes even equipped with a more advanced chant version.

Further tunings on this mod are discontinued.
A bug makes shrines impassable in v2.3/Addon, however for all maps made for v2.2 this mod has no known errors.

The final/fixed feature for the addon v2.3 is included meanwhile in the Aranna Legacy mod.


For: DS2 v2.2, v2.3/Addon - mod discontinued

To avoid mod compatibility issues due to the complex balance tuning it's now integrated in the Hotfix and Aranna Legacy mod.


In DS2 the Dryads are described as almost plant-like beings with a strong affinity for ranged combat.
The Multi-Shot feature will seize this part of the story allowing you to draw a bow with more than one arrow at once as soon as you are enchanted with a special buff spell that will share all gained experience equally on ranged and nature magic.