War Hound Pet Mod & Morden Snow Canyon Mod

War Hound Pet Mod: Download Beta 10 o, 996kb | Images | Mod Read-Me File

Morden Snow Canyon Mod: Download Beta 1, 661kb | Images | Mod Read-Me File

War Hound / WarHound :
  War Hound   A custom melee pet for Dungeon Siege II (v2.2 & v2.3/BW) STORY: Morden-Gral Mages have learnt more and more about the races out of the Magic Rifts and have begun to merge dire wolves and nawl beasts to get a powerful beast to support them in the fight against the dryads. To increase the battle-worth the mages have implemented scorpion thorns into the pet's body and have raised them only with blood instead of wolf milk to stir up their bloodthirstiness. Many of these little new born creatures haven't survived that torture and even less were able to escape out of the unscrupulous claws of their tormentors. But regardless if dead or alive, the glance of revenge in their eyes persist forever... MOD BENEFIT: - Availability of a provoking pet already in the middle of mercenary mode. - Improved combat behaviour perfect to protect ranged or magical party members. - Extraordinary pet features like subordination of connatural enemies. - Strong gameplay implementation, additional mini-quests and even some map secrets.   GROWTH: BABY: (ignores Food from Chars < Level 11) - Attack: Bite (native) - Certain chance to cause a laceration (1) (native) FLEDGLING: (ignores Food from Chars < Level 14) - Garanteed bonus: 7% Belligerence (2) JUVENILE: (ignores Food from Chars < Level 17) - Attack: Rending Bite - Garanteed bonus: 'Tree of Life' (3) & Strength - Power: Furious Howl (4) ADOLESCENT: (ignores Food from Chars < Level 20) - Garanteed bonus: Increased mobility (5) YOUNG ADULT: (ignores Food from Chars < Level 23) - Attack: Devasting Bite - Garanteed bonus: Magical Resistances MATURE: - Garanteed bonus: Physical Resistance & Proviking Appearance (6) - Emanation: Xeria's Fury (7) AQUISITION: - Seller: Pet Seller Neda, Act 1, at Eirulan - Price: 1375 Gold - Note: The pet will be available as soon as Dire Wolf quest is solved.   REMARKS: (1): Splashing blood will heal the pet for a short period of time. During a battle close enemies may harm themself sometimes due to the pet's thorns. (2): At every attack a belligerent War Hound will cause some extra gorging-damage. (3): As descendant from Magic Rift animals a War Hound instinctly knows how to use the magical ley lines energy concentrated in health bushes. (4): The power has been bequeathed from Dire Wolfs, it will behave almost the same. (5): A mobile pet can launch own attacks some faster and has a better chance to dodge hostile attacks. (6): The same way enemies feel provoked by a mature War Hound also congener monsters may be impressed and consider him as their new leader. (7): An emanation addicted to war, will improve the power regeneration and partially even protects party members but also impacts their vitality. The adult War Hound is able to provoke enemies, very similar to the Mythrilhorn and if you just focus that feature, the Mythrilhorn is still very attractive due to its power. So the Mythrilhorn isn't a bad pet but it sadly has some oddities limiting its damage, and specially if you prefer small parties you surely would like a pet that contributes more combating all the monsters you face. This is how you normally get a War Hound, by helping Rohkar solving the Dire Wolf quest. You will remember, the War Hound doesn't come dircetly form the Magic Rifts, but it is a progeny of nawl beasts and dire wolfs, that's why he often has a strong connectivity to its natural origin. Another way to get a War Hound it to help a wild one in trouble. Actually there are two mini-quests for this, one in the War Hound mod, one in the Morden Snow Canyon addon-mod. If you already have a War Hound in your party (eg. in veteran mode) and take him with you to help Rohkar it may happen that your War Hound meets parents coming out of the rift. Some of them are unregenerate, but others will accept him as leader so no need to kill them. You have no control over these converted animals but you can heal them to keep them alive. This subordination randomly occurs with all the monsters akin with War Hounds anyhow, however it's a quite rare event, you may be lucky if there remain some after a battle. Another rare event (i hope at least) is when your hero dies. In such a case the dolor of his War Hound may be so intense that its howl will reanimate his master from the deads. However only the relation between hero an pet is strong enough to perform this. Note, this is a desperate and painful act for a War Hound - hero and pet will surely need some recreation afterwards. Please note too, unfortunately in singleplayer there is no opportunity to apply this feature if you have a party consisting of one hero and one War Hound. The engine calls you defeated as soon as your hero dies regardless if your pet is still alive... :=(   FURTHER NOTES: Playable I: The War Hound is a strong pet but still 'legit' (at least intended to be). Playable II: The War Hound will be available at Eirulan after Dire Wolf quest is solved. Generally you can feed it above level 11 but probably would be still too weak to keep such a challenging pet. Note that the young pet spontaniously can fall ill! In these times you not only have to fend yourself you also should care the pet. So, if you are already fighting close to your limits then better keep a packmule until about level 20 and change than. Playable III: As mature pet the War Hound is able to provoke enemies. That is evidentally an ambivalent feature and you better make familar yourself with the short-keys for mirror, rampage, guard and wait command. Playable IV: The War Hound has a revised combat behaviour, there is still potential for improvements, however it generally should perform in suitable ways already now. Playable V: For the cooperation with your party the order of your member icons (on the left side of the screen) can be very significant. Just try out what order you like most. Playable VI: It shouldn't matter what language of DS2 you have installed, all expressions should be translated automatically. There is no guarantee though and I apologize for any dissonances - there are simply too many distribution languages. Playable VII: This mod introduces a couple of map secrets and some discreet eastereggs:
Spoiler: Click the image above to get an impression there one secret may be.
Technical I: I recommand the retail DungeonSiege2.exe to play with, it is faster, moreover Dungeonsiege2Mod.exe can cause troubles depending on its configuration. Technical II: Before installing this mod please make a manual backup copy of your savegame and move them a secure place. before installing this mod! - You never know... Technical III: To install this mod with the retail version (v2.2), just put the mod in the resources folder and install All*Saves to launch DS2 with. Technical IV: Before uninstalling the mod release first all War Hounds out of your party! Appendix: For even more information about pet and mod please check out the read-me file.
   Morden Snow Canyon   Featuring an additional Mini-Quest for War Hound Pet Mod This mod is some kind of expansion pack for the War Hound Pet mod allowing you to traval to an unused area on the default DS2 map - a snowy canyon occupied by Morden Soldiers. In this addon-mod there is a further War Hound related mini-quest in the Snowbrook Valley, once again you should get a wild War Hound out of its awkward situation (quite tricky...) and as reward he will open for you a secret rift passage down to the canyon. The walkable part of the canyon is not really big though, only some minutes to discover it, however it will take much longer if you get in touch with hostile Mordens down there. ;=)

Spoiler: Click the image above to reveal the location where to find the quest War Hound.
The image below would show you the entry of the rift passage in case you can't find it.
Be aware, this canyon is a dangerous place to be, neither the well-trained Mordens like intruders nor the domiciled monsters down there will do. Actually you must expect some tough fights like in the second half of the arena at Aman'lu. Try to act smart to keep alive, find as many hidden treasures as you can and probably better mind the naturally domiciled monsters - they don't like annoyances very much. ;=) - - - War Hound Pet Mod: Download Beta 10 o, 996kb | Images | Mod Read-Me File Morden Snow Canyon Mod: Download Beta 1, 661kb | Images | Mod Read-Me File