Dungeon Siege II   v2.2 / Addon
Funny(?) Test Screen Shots

Elddim's baker is not at home yet, ...but the bread is ready!(?)

Nobody yet in Elddim's tavern.
It's said these towers lead to the Eastern Island, anyhow.

...so many steps to make to finally reach this bridging to cross the river.
A Groveller! Position marked for further tests since these creatures may become aggressive if you touch them for 2-3 seconds.

Grescal - what a marvellous desert town right next to the oasis near the Endless Dunes.
Close to Elddim, with the 60's Television Set mod (at least it looks like this).

Monochromic playing is really stylish, although this screen offset from left to right may be a bit disturbing.
Sorry guys, for quest-scientific reasons you have to stand this test...

Now I'm quite sure this is the right guy to meet for the next quest task!
No need to get angry, your 3 companions before were just a terrible accident...!

A container test. Some just want the loot, some others want to open each type at least once.
Sometimes the death messages come in big letters...

The Morden can't stand seeing you with one of their own mighty War Hound pets.
Take care, the Garganturax may actuakky follow you back to Eirulan!

Look Arianne, isn't this that dangerous monster you were talking about...!?
This is no monster! This is a never-seen pet - until now...

Now something went totally broken here!
The incantation shrine near the Eirulan Waterfalls.

Cool, my Scrub Boar pet found friends who helped me liberating this incantation shrine!
Well, this was close...

Hey, can't you see!? I have two shields, I mean no harm!
Multiple summoned Harpy monsters are sometimes so tricky to control...

With this proper outlook none of the Windstone Soldiers will notice I'm not one of them!
Test to see if his howl loud enough to awaken a knocked out hero.

Grrr, you better leave - 'cause this bridge belongs to may War Hound!
A rare attest of a War Hound that needs to be resurrected - however more probable usually that his immense howl power will awaken party members.

Yes my little Warho, this is the day of revenge - so let Valdis dance now...!
As flying pet the Vasp pet will always find (fly?) its way home.

Two Vasp pets are great, however already one is a great addition for your party.
Also the Tragg pet has found its way to Dungeon Siege 2.

Testing and playing, playing and testing - here 1 hero with Tragg and Vasp pet plus 2 loyal rune soldiers.
Thanks to its Town Portal spell a Vasp pet can always escape if needed.

Vasp pets are no really good flyers, but the can hover and never will drown in the swamps.
The beautiful farmland of Ehb is splendid to let plants grow, and always good for a journey.

More testing and playing, there are actually some differences between Dungeon Siege 1 and 2.
Ever visited Tut'cogama? An acient place in a foreign land - so described in the tutorial section of the Computer Games Magazine.

*Eeek* what a ugly...bee!? - For sure this robot-bee-thing was not mentioned in the CGM Tutorial!
A mobile Baloon Teleporter!

A baloon teleporter just landed, and a test ride on the carpet to the other side.
...a flying carpet can be so useful to cross deep canyons.

Great, so many different means of transport available...
There are early types of ships in Dungeon Siege too.

Greilyn Jungle next to Eirulan, seen from above, soon before the Morden Tower explodes.
...never drink and play Dungeon Siege!

Also do not eat strange mushrooms right before playing.
Avoid hallucinogen ingredients, it may seriously affact the way how you perceive the game!

You may encounter hundreds of herbs in Dungeon Siege, but trying to consuming them all is a rather bad idea.
There are unexplored and hardly accessible areas. Some may reveal foes, but some other friends too.

Hopefully we will reach Snowbrook in time, before the siege battle starts...!
Finally returned to Arhok...!

A snow-vulture and a hidden incantation shrine? And this next to Arhok...!?
Excavating the passage to the basement below Arhok was really a demanding work.

Hm, what's in this red-glowing chest in the center of thislabyrith? - I mean, that's really a long way to go ...to find.
Carla revealed hidden magic bonuses on an item that had no reagent slots and with no initial magic at all.

An other party tresor, even a bit wider.
Hey Barbarus, Tristram may be a place a bit sleepy, but couldn't you wear something else than jammies!?

Dungeon Siege can be big and wide cinema, ...but you know this!?
Even some familiar guards and citizens are at Tristram to keep the town alive.

So much prospering grass, specially when watched on the short distance.
Perhaps your computer/CPU won't appreciate it much, visually some grass may be an appreciated addtion.

Sometimes it's quite difficult to say why grass doesn't grow on frequently used paths...
Randomly growing grass and plants will increase the impression of a living environment.

Considering it closely, so much grass also could be a bit obstructive when moving around!?
Carla Riverstran knows multi-tasking!

...now the sky even gets darker from above.
These mages - always keeping one busy. Specially those you can't control yourself.

A secret cave in Dungeon Siege 2. But who is dancing around that camp fire over there?
Source: GPG (screen-shot found in a resource tank)
Doesn't look we are invited to the party...
Source: GPG (screen-shot found in a resource tank)

This must be a special tribe. Usually Hak'u are using javelins, not spears.
Source: GPG (screen-shot found in a resource tank)
What these Hak'u are celebrating? - Chris Taylor probably would new the answer...
Source: GPG (screen-shot found in a resource tank)

Dark dungeons may reveal marvellous treasures, some never seen before.
Southern Greilyn Jungle from a nearby tower ruin.

Shiny waterfall in the Southern Greilyn Jungle.
Once the jungle with no details at all.

And once the jungle with all the plants that may grow there.
Wonderful dungeon maze in the Azunite Desert of act 1.

Better do not try to attack a more elevated target with spears or javelins.
Get off my elevator...!

If you fail, death will come to you.
Guys, I know your equipment is bad, but like this you will never succeed in a rebellion.

Kholbeast pet shop defenders next to Kalrathia
Better travel alone to the Broken World - and do not let wait someone in the Inn.

The last spear is always the one that wins!